The Fairy Garden CONTEST – 2012

The 2012 Fairy Contest is closed. If you have a Fairy Garden you would like to enter into the contest, please come back in April 2013 for our new Fairy Garden Contest. To see the 2012 Winners, please click here.

It is with great excitement that I officially announce the 2012 Fairy Garden Contest open!!

Contest Rules:
  • Make a Fairy Garden :-)
  • Write a blog post on your blog about your garden with photos to show us how lovely it is. Please add a link to this post, the ‘Fairy Garden Contest – 2012’, so that others can see the fun you are having and enter the contest too. 
  • Then, add the link to your Fairy Garden post in Mr Linky below so that we can all see your gardens too. If you haven’t used Mr Linky before, it’s really easy… add the NAME OF YOUR BLOG in the first little box… then add THE LINK TO YOUR FAIRY GARDEN blog post in the box below the first one.
  • Or, if you don’t have a blog, post photos of your garden onto our Facebook Page – – AND your Facebook Page with a link to our page to show your friends what fun you are having so that they can enter too.
  • Everyone can enter, as long as you have had fun making a Fairy Garden. There are various categories from which the winners are picked, so everyone has a chance, from the very youngest fairy to the oldest granny.
  • Please share this contest wherever you can… your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email. A Fairy Garden is a lovely gift to share with your friends.
  •  Contest will close on 1st of August, 2012, all entries received before then will be in the running to win fabulous prizes.
      This year, we have a treasure chest full of beautiful prizes to be won (click here to see the prizes), prizes for children, prizes for adults, prizes that are so lovely that you will whoop with excitement when you see what they are.
      So, Fairy Gardeners, get out those little rakes and shovels, find some moss and magic and get gardening!

      Please click on my Fairy Garden Page to see all the magical Fairy Garden posts of the past, including links to see all the gardens that have been entered in previous years and all the fun goodies we’ve made for our own Fairy Gardens.

      Good luck to all.
      Happy Fairy Gardening!
      Blessings and magic, 


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      89 Responses

      1. I am so excited. I love fairy gardens. A little too excited. Thanks for the link to previous posts; so helpful and inspirational. Felicity

      2. Just came across your blog today…LOVE this idea….I have collected fairies and mystical items for years……. so inspiring…even though my kids are gone…..I just might have to work on this project!!! Loved viewing others.

        Blessings from Minnesota

      3. Thanks for the opportunity to have some more miniature gardening fun this year! I’ve been planning them in my mind, so I hope they turn out according to my vision. Good thing we can work on this throughout the summer!

      4. I adore fairy gardens and the delight that surrounds the kindergarten as we journey into this little world! A reader just directed me to you! So happy to join the joy!

      5. I love this contest! Thank you for the inspiration. We built our garden using your many, detailed tips and my son loves playing in it!

        We’ve even got some friends in on it, building their own gardens, and both grandmothers will be seeing some garden kits in their futures!

        Thanks again!

        egg juice with pepperoni

      6. I’m sorry. I did something wrong here #16 and #17 are both me but my fairy garden is #17. please visit my blog! I just got it started.Sorry for the goofy link on #16

      7. Hi There! I’ve just planted my first fairy garden, what a joy! My mother directed my towards The Magic Onions, and I’ve loved pouring over your site, especially popping in to all of the fairy garden submissions! They are all so wonderful and imaginative! I’ve happily added my garden to the list, I hope you’ll pop over for a visit. Cheers!

      8. This has been so much fun! Thank you for the inspiration! I did a quick blog post about it (Where’s My Verve) and hoping to have lots more to add as the weeks go by. :)

      9. Wow! This is such a great idea – thanks to Se7en for alerting me to it. I’m linking to here in my post tomorrow – I’m hosting a round up of elf/fairy themed chidlren’s book reviews.

      10. Thank you for posting such an amazing contest. I discovered the world of fairy garden through you. I loved reading every resource you have on your blog related to fairy garden. This is my first attempt at creating a fairy garden and my daughter totally loves watering the little plants. She very proudly mentions to everyone that she has a fairy garden.

      11. yay! we did this already, now to find this fun contest! my kids love our little garden, now a bit modified and out in the sunshine :) thanks!

      12. Thanks again, Donni, for all the inspiration you bring to us with your blog. We are in love with that treasure chest garden that you made; everything in it seems magical :)

      13. What a fun place to explore other’s fairy gardens and glean ideas for future ones! I entered your contest after being encouraged by a commenter on my fairy garden post.

        Thank you for hosting this wonderful fairy garden link up.

        Marsha – garden helper to the fairies of Pine Hollow

      14. Walking through the woods looking for the perfect spot to create our village was half the fun. Digging into the bag of supplies and start creating made it a perfect outing. As we built one parent asked “Are you going to leave it here?” I would have loved to – knowing that someone else would have stumbled upon our fantasy world. But the supplies were from our classroom and we will want to use them again.

      15. Lolo and I are so excited! This is her first fairy garden ever (inspired by her MawMaw). She got really excited when she heard of the contest. We LOVE everyone’s gardens. They are awesome!

      16. Both of the kids are excited about entering so I’m entering them as the “girl team” (age 9) and the “boy team” (when he’s finished)
        ~ joey ~

      17. With alot of inspiration from you, I made a fairy garden! Yours are so cute I just had to make one, I’ve entered it above #55. I’ve added a link on my post,and would love to add the button, but I can’t find it, can you point me in the right direction? Thanks!

      18. This is such an awesome idea for a blog, I couldn’t help but join in on the fun! :-) I just posted my fairy house today. I look forward to visiting everyone else’s posts, and I’m sure I will be following more than one after I do. I will post a link back here sometime this evening!

        Sending fairy wishes your way, from my garden to yours,

      19. This is great fun and a great idea too! Will you please create a men’s / boy’s division to even the playing field for us guys who never had dollhouses as children? (OR maybe for 2013 it could be considered). Thanks for this!

      20. Lovely site, so many inspirational ideas! We’ll be adding more to ours before the deadline. Thanks for hosting this!

      21. Thanks so much for hosting this wonderful contest! I was surprised and elated when my daughter, age 10, sincerely asked me if I thought a fairy would move in to the house we built. Love keeping that magic alive!

      22. My girls love fairies. We have a big oak tree in our backyard and they leave many treasures for the fairies there. Occasionally a fairy will leave them a treasure as a little thank you for making them so many things. This village/garden has not been influenced by grown-ups ideas or things. All the items in it have been found, toys they have, or items that they recieved in some surprise way (we recently went to a wedding and they were given all the river pebbles that were used, in part, to decorate the tables). This fairy garden is a truly organic creation, made with all the love a young person can have for fairies. An ongoing creation by Charlotte and Caitlin:

      23. ok I’ve done my best to post on facebook and link to you and then post on your page. I hope you can see it. Cant wait until Sept when all the flowers come out (all of them will be edible for the fairies/gnomes/frogs to snack on)

      24. This summer has been ALL about fairies for us. Fairy garden, butterflies everywhere we go and a secret fairy forest we discovered in the mountains! My daughter has spied 3 high up in the trees flying away from us and dancing around :) Thanks for the wonderful idea! We’ll be back every year.

      25. You know for me this is the most inspiring blog on the internet “Fairy Gardens”. It is electronic communication but it sends us outside to explore nature and often bring some home. It is the BEST way of sharing with our kids and grands. I find myself looking at “Found” objects with the thought to using them for the Fairies. CAUTION Very Contagious fun. Thanks Magic Onion

      26. Eeeee! We have butterflies in our tummies! This is such a fun tradition and I am forever indebted to you for inspiring it. So happy to enter again this year! Blessings and magic to you!

      27. On the 17th of July I made my very first fairy garden…oops can’t post the link to the blogpost :(. I’m doing this on my iPhone ;). It was on day 215…on day 218 I shared again a post about it ánd today I put in the post of the Fairy Garden contest and the latest pictures which I took last night. You can find the post between day 226 and 227.

        I hope this is okay to try to enter the fairy garden contest. Warm regards from Susan from The Netherlands

      28. This was the first fairy garden I made with my 3 year boy and was a lot of fun to do it. He helped to sew the dwarf clothes and made some funny suggestions, like the litle fairy purse because he said the fairy would travel a lot. By the way, we are from Brazil and the photos were taken at Minas Gerais. Thanks for the blog and for sharing that experience with all of us.

      29. These are all so beautiful and lovely! I wish I had found this site sooner…… as it is, my family and I just finished our fairy garden and I just posted a link to it on ‘Mr. Linky’, thanks for such an inspiring and enjoyable contest!

      30. Phew! My son had to make a fence for his garden so here is his last minute entry!
        Thanks again for inspiring us to participate in this fun activity! I’ve loved seeing your tutorials and touring the other gardens that people have made!
        ~ joey ~

      31. Thank you for giving inspiration. Not only my children are now playing with the fairygarden in our front garden. But also all the neighbor children.

      32. Just added my 11 year old daughter Paige’s fairy garden and immediately got in trouble! It’s not supposed to be titled Paige Kutscherousky, it should have been Paige’s Fairytopia! Sorry honey.

      33. I really enjoy reading your blog and I check back almost every day! I tried out the magical snow globe soap craft and I used my new soap every, looking forward to the goodies inside! I especially love to read all your posts related to Fairy Gardens, as I love gardening. Keep up the good work!

      34. We built our garden in April, but have so many updates! We may not be entered in the contest, but I’ll add more photos later. This is the most wonderful idea, and has helped me create a wonderful play area for my daughter.

      35. I have been anticipating this contest since April! I had gotten tied up with one thing going on after another and forgot to enter the contest! When I came back to see who the winners were, I was excited to find out that the contest end date was extended to August 6th! So I finished my blog on the fairy garden and submitted it today! Can’t wait to see who won – its going to be a tough choice because they are all awesome!! Please visit my blog for info and pictures at

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