Wow… new Fairy Gardens are flooding in. I have some MAGICAL Fairy Gardens to share with you in our last weekly Fairy Garden Sneak Peek… how I’ve LOVED this contest!! To see them in more detail, click on the link (in blue) to each garden and you’ll be even more amazed at the tiny details in each creation. And here is the link to see all of the magical gardens entered into our Fairy Garden Contest. You have a couple of days to enter your own, so don’t delay :-)

I want to have a picnic in this magical spot?!

Spin a little yarn and then stretch out on this comfy moss for an afternoon nap?!

Wake up for a little toadstool spotting and a stroll along the Magic Jewel Path.

Go for a little horseback ride in this Texan wonderland.

Take a refreshing dip in this leaf birdbath.

And then rest for a little on this woodland bench with the sweet scent of Spruce in the air?!

Visit the gnome who lives in this enchanting stump for a cup of sweet marigold tea.

And then chat with the eccentric gnome who lives in this blue stump. He has some magic honey cookies too!

 Then it’s time for a Fairy Party in the Magic Fairy Circle!

 Some spells and magic making…

And then wander home, happy and spent from a full days festivities,  to my little cottage in the woods

Phew… what a day it has been!!! Pure Magic at every turn.

Be sure to check out the prizes for the Fairy Garden Contest.

Here’s a link to all the important Fairy Garden stuff on the Fairy Garden Page.

And, quickly, enter your own Fairy Garden before the contest closes on August 1st.

Happy weekend to all my Fairy Gardening friends,
Blessings and magic,

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  1. These are so beautiful! I found you today through Pinterest and I’m so glad I did! Love looking at the beautiful things people have created. Thank you for sharing –


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