The Dragonfly Story : Helping Kids Understand Death

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We are very sad. On Saturday, a gentle giant in our small community passed away. It was sudden and unexpected. He leaves behind his beautiful wife and three young children. We held a meditation/prayer meeting at our school last night so that we could come together as a community to grieve, support each other and discuss ways to support this beautiful family thorough their dreadful tragedy. Our teachers gave us guidelines on how to support our own children through the shock of one of their classmates loosing a parent.

I want to share the story one of our teachers read to us last night. It is a beautiful story to help children at all levels of development and comprehension (and adults too) through a difficult time like this.

The Dragonfly Story : helping kids to understand death on Discovering Waldorf on The Magic Onions Blog


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10 Responses

  1. Holding their family so dearly and deeply in my heart. I love them all. Such a transforming story for how to view a loved one’s transition. Celebrating his life, such a joyful being…indeed a gentle sweet giant, such a loving father and husband. <3

  2. Such a touching story for a difficult time. Look for a Life Cycle Celebrant in your area. They may be able to help create a celebration of life, or personalized ceremony for all involved as well. A reminder we should all cherish life…
    Holding them in our hearts,

  3. Ten years ago, I was the Executive Director of Girls Inc. of Bay County. Girls Inc. is an after school and summer for girls whose mission is to Inspire all girls to be Strong, Smart and Bold. One afternoon, one of our girls came to our office crying saying her head hurt. Two days later, she was gone. She had an inoperable brain tumor. I reached out to hospice in our community to help us help our girls deal with this tragic loss. We arranged for a memorial for Laney in the park adjacent to our property, the city planted a tree and provided a plaque. The director from hospice came to facilitate the memorial. She chose this story to read. During the reading of the story, a lone dragonfly flew in and lit in Laney’s tree. It stayed right there. Even as the girls were blowing bubbles and crying. In our hearts and minds, a miracle.

    1. Wow, Connie, thank you so much for sharing this sad but beautiful story. The dragonfly joining the memorial is such a miracle.
      How utterly touching. Thank you.

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