Planting Mini Pansies in Egg Shells for Easter Decorations

We visited our local garden shop yesterday to buy strawberry plants to plant in the cinder-block holes of my new ‘bunny-proof’ vegetable garden. Before I left home, I voiced my intention NOT TO BUY ANYTHING BUT STRAWBERRY PLANTS to my Good Man (I’m a well-known impulse plant buyer and hoped that if I committed to my intention out-loud, it would be easier to stick to the plan). BUT, who can resist these sweet miniature pansies?!! They sneaked into my cart, knowing full well that I can’t plant them in the garden as they are a favorite bunny delicacy.

Lucky, as are they not the perfect little flowers to plant in Easter Eggs?

Flowers planted in Easter Eggs :

I made a frittata for lunch just so that we could have eggshells to plant them in. I made sure to break the eggshells evenly around the narrow end of the egg and washed them out thoroughly.


Plant an EGGSHELL GARDEN. This is such a fun gardening activity for KIDS. And, the flowers in the eggshells look so CUTE!


Kitty got to work, gently loosening the soil from the roots of the tiny pansies and planting them in the egg shells.

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Are they not the sweetest Easter decorations around?!


Decorate for Easter Flowers planted in Easter Eggs :


And, in an egg cup… oh my!!


Decorate for Easter Flowers planted in Easter Eggs :


My kids love to garden with me and we are so excited for the fun gardening ahead.

Blessings and magic,



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2 Responses

  1. I love these! I’m an impulse plant buyer myself but think about what a shame it would have been if you hadn’t brought home that pack of pansies?
    We noticed the teeny tiniest leaves on our strawberry plants on the weekend but they have so far to go before they are bearing fruit. It’s so hard to wait until June!
    ~ joey ~

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