Needle Felted Fall Door Wreath Tutorial


A few years ago, we made Granny a wreath for her door.


Wet Felted Fall Door Wreath Totorial :


It’s still one of my favorite wreaths of all time and Kitty and I think we’ll make one for our own door this year.

Here’s our tutorial on how to make it.


Materials :


  • * wool roving in rich fall colors (found on
  • * a foam wreath form (found at craft stores)
  • * a needle felting needle (found on
  • * soap detergent and warm water
  • * green felt (for a leaf)
  • * sewing need and green thread
  • * real acorn cap (picked up in nature or found on
  • * glue


Felted Fall Door Wreath Totorial :


Method :


Arrange your felt roving in long strips in the order you’d like them to appear on your wreath.


Felted Fall Door Wreath Totorial :


Wrap each strip around the foam form, making sure the colors overlap a little on each side. It’s important to attach (through the process of felting) the color strips into each other so that they remain in their place when you come to wet felt the wreath later.


Needle Felted Fall Door Wreath Totorial :


Using your needle felting needle, gently poke the wool all around. Poking the needle into the foam is fine.


Needle Felted Fall Door Wreath Totorial :


Pay particular attention to the ends where the colors overlap and needle felt the overlapping wool firmly into the underlying wool.


Felted Autumn Door Wreath Totorial :


When the entire wreath is covered with wool roving, take it to the sink to begin the wet felting process. Start with a small section. Wet the wool SLIGHTLY with warm water… you don’t want to use too much water at this early stage as the wool will loosen and come off the wreath.

Put a dime-sized amount of dish-washing soap onto the wool and begin to massage it gently. Pat it, rub it, kneed it… gently at first and then more vigorously as you feel the wool tighten around the wreath form. Add more water. Add more detergent. Your intuition will tell you when to wet the wool more and when to add more detergent. Slowly, slowly… we can’t rush.

Continue this wet felting method all around the wreath.

Once you feel that the wool has tightened around the wreath sufficiently, you can start felting it more vigorously. I find that using a ‘Chinese bangle’ (as my daughter, Kitty, calls it) works really well.


Wet Felted Fall Door Wreath Totorial :


When you feel that the wool has felted firmly around the wreath, rinse it thoroughly, making sure to get all of the soap suds out of the felted wool.


Wet Felted Fall Door Wreath Totorial :


Set it in the sun to dry completely.

Now let’s make the adornments.

Cut out the shape of an autumn leaf on a piece of paper.


Fall Door Wreath Totorial Neelde Felted  :


Pin it to the green felt and cut around the edges to make your leaf.


Fall Door Wreath Totorial Neelde Felted  :


Thread the sewing needle with green thread and finish the felt leaf off nicely by sewing a pretty border about a quarter of an inch inside the outside edge of the leaf.


Fall Door Wreath Totorial Neelde Felted  :


For the felted acorns, make  small felt balls in fun acorn colors. If you need a tutorial to make felted balls, follow this tutorial that shows you how to make small eggs… making the tops of the acorns is exactly the same.

With a little glue, stick the felt balls in to the acorn caps.

If you prefer, you can skip this stage and purchase the acorns (or the felted balls)  in the colors you desire in The Magic Onions Shop.


 Neelde Felted Acorns   :


With your needle and thread, sew the leaf and acorns in place on your dry wool wreath.


 Neelde Felted Acorns   :


Voila! The prettiest felted fall wreath for you door.

There seriously is something magical about the felling and texture of wool felt… it glows with such a natural spirit and fills your room with a rich, organic, essence.


 Wet Felted Autumn Wreath with Neelde Felted Acorns   :

 Wet Felted Autumn Wreath with Neelde Felted Acorns   :


If you are in love with needle felting, as I am, I have many DIY needle felting kits available in The Magic Onions Shop… try your hand at making felted hearts or pumpkins or a myriad of other creations.

Happy fall crafting.

Blessings and magic,


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9 thoughts on “Needle Felted Fall Door Wreath Tutorial

  1. so let’s hypothetically say that someone got too excited making one of these and managed to add too much water causes the wool to not really felt but just become loose on the wreath. Could one go back and needlefelt the wool to fix it? Hypothetically speaking, of course! :P *ahem*

    • Ha ha… Nicole, I love your comment :-) Yes, I think needle felting it would fix it… or get it back into a state for wet felting again. But, before you do that, are you sure it’s not just part of the felting process. I definitely felt the wool slacken with the water and also had an ‘OH NO!’ moment… but with gentle wet felting and lots of detergent, it did tighten up around the wreath. Go with your gut :-)
      Hope you are having a wonderful Saturday. I’d LOVE to see a photo when it’s done.
      xo Donni

  2. I am so glad I left my hypothetical situation with you :) I went back and wet felted again but this time I also enlisted the help of bubble wrap to get more friction and voila! It worked! I just need to remove two colors and redo them because they didn’t want to stick but Yay!!! Needlefelting would have taken forever. Thank you!!

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