Blessing our food with a favorite Waldorf mealtime blessing verse before we eat it is cherished everyday tradition that is meaningful in so many ways. And not just for children. Blessing our food is just as meaningful for adults too.

Firstly, it gives us a moment to calm and collect ourselves before we eat. We quieten down and turn our thoughts inwards for a moment so that we can be present in our meal.

It also teaches us to be mindful of what we eat, to spare a thought of where our food comes from and the cosmic energy that has gone into producing our meal.

It reminds us to be grateful for the food we have and for the people or animals who have toiled to bring it to us.

And, it helps us to come together in a united spirit of gratitude. This is a beautiful thing.


5 Favorite Mealtime Blessing Verses


Here are some of our family’s favorite meal blessings that help us be grateful for our food.


Beautiful Waldorf Mealtime Blessing Verse for Food - For the golden corn, for the apples on the trees


For the golden corn
For the apples on the tree
For the golden butter
For honey from the bees
For fruits and nuts and berries
That grow along the way
For Father Sun and Mother Earth
We give our thanks today
Blessings on our food and peace be on the earth.


Beautiful Waldorf Mealtime Blessing Verse for Food - For the sun and rain for the grass and grain.


For the sun and rain
For the grass and grain
For all who toil on sea and soil
That we may eat this daily food
We give our thanks dear Earth


Beautiful Waldorf Mealtime Blessing Verse for Food - Blessings on the Blossoms, blessings onthe roots.


Blessings on the blossoms
Blessings on the roots
Blessings on the leaves and stems
And blessings on the fruit


Beautiful Waldorf Mealtime Blessing Verse for Food - Earth wo gives to us this food, sun who makes it ripe and good


Earth who gives to us this food
Sun who makes it ripe and good
Sun above,Earth below
Our loving thanks to you we show


Beautiful Waldorf Meal Blessing Verse for Food - Earth we thank you for this food, for rest and home and all things good


Earth we thank you for this food
For rest and home and all things good
For wind and rain and sun above
But most of all for those we love
Blessings on our food


We sit down at the table and hold hands to say our Waldorf meal blessings verse. Most times, my children will say the verse with me. But sometimes, they prefer to be quiet and listen to the words. We don’t close our eyes but rather make a conscious effort to make eye-contact with one another. A little coming together of our spirits a few times a day is good for the health of our family.

If you have a favorite mealtime blessing, I’d love to hear it in the comments.

If you’ve enjoyed these verses, I am writing an article that shares our favorite Waldorf morning circle verses that I think you’ll love. Be sure to check back soon.

And, if you are after more Waldorf articles that showcase everyday family life, please have a look at the Discovering Waldorf Education archives.

Blessings and magic,


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14 Responses

    1. Thank you Caitlyn.
      I’m so excited to see your Butter Chicken recipe. It’s one of my favorite meals to eat out and I’ve been wondering if I can make it at home too. Thanks for sharing!!
      xo Donni

    1. I’m so glad these mealtime blessings resonate, Bella. I had fun bringing all of our favorite blessings together. xo

  1. Bread is a lovely thing to eat —
    God bless the barley and the wheat.
    Earth’s a lovely place to know —
    God bless the folk that come and go.
    Alive is a wonderful thing to be —
    Giver of life, we say, bless thee.

    Can be sung as a three-part round. : ) I don’t introduce this one until 3rd (strong singers) or 4th grade.

    Another, shorter one:
    Substance of earth,
    Essence of light,
    Grace of heaven
    In us delight.

  2. My son has learned and brought home from his Waldorf school the third and fourth ones you listed here. I just love them- they have such sweet melodies too! The fourth one we learned a little different:
    Earth, who gives to us this food
    Sun, who makes it ripe and good
    Dearest Earth and dearest Sun,
    Many thanks for what you’ve done

  3. I remembered seeing these earlier in the year and had written two of them down. But I had to come back and see how you made the cards so beautiful. Watercolors, of course! Off I go to get some paper and paintbrushes. :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Our favorite Waldorf blessing:
    “The silver rain, the shining sun,
    the fields where scarlet poppies run,
    and all the ripples of the wheat
    are in the bread that I do eat.
    So when I sit to every meal
    and say a grace, I always feel
    that I am eating rain and sun
    and fields where scarlet poppies run.”

    1. My daughter learned this in 4th grade at the Cincinnati Waldorf School from her wonderful teacher, Lydia Kelley. When she said it one evening at a family gathering, I almost cried, it was so beautiful. And I was soooooo grateful that we had moved her from her unhappy mainstream school to Waldorf. Such a blessing!

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