“The group of fairies skipped merrily through the nasturtium patch, happy in their sunrise task. Early morning was the best time for collecting dewdrops for the Fairy Queen’s bath. This was Daphne’s favourite chore. Daphne was in charge of blessing each pearly droplet with a magical spell before it was funnelled down the huge green leaf and into the waiting acorn buckets. Their buckets were almost full and the fairies giggled with delight as they moved from one silver dewdrop to the next.”

First paragraph of the second chapter of the book, The Magic Onions (unpublished).

Our nasturtium patch is right next to our Fairy Garden. As we know that the fairies could be collecting pearly dewdrops for the Fairy Queen’s bath, we decided to dream big and make the Fairy Queen her very own pedestal bath.

We needed a large shell, 4 smaller spiral shells and my trusty old glue gun.

supplies needed to make a fairy bathI used my glue gun to dab 4 spots of glue on the underside of the shell.
Making Fairy furnitureWe stuck the four small spiral shells into place for the legs of the bath.
A delightful pedestal bath for a fairyVoila! A pedestal bath just the right size for the Fairy Queen.
a fairy bath made out of a shellWe set it in a pretty spot in the Fairy Garden, filled it with golden water from the fountain (just in case it doesn’t dew tonight) and floated in it, a sprig of aromatic thyme.
We do so hope the Fairy Queen visits tonight!

I’m having a little trouble with Link Within… if you want to see more about the Magical Fairy Garden Challenge, click the button called The Magical Fairy and Gnome Garden Challenge and Giveaway in the right column at the top of the page, just under the Friday’s Nature Table button.
Blessings and magic.


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12 Responses

  1. Sorry Haiku Tofu, Link Within isn’t working so well… there is a button that’ll take you to all the info at the top of the blog in the right column, under the Friday’s Nature Table button… that should take you right there.

    Theresa, now you’ve made me want to see your sculpted fairy! LOL… I know, we’ve gone a bit fairy beserk around here!

    Blessings and magic.

  2. what a lovely bath, I am sure that since the water will have warmed up nicely when she comes to bath…a sun kissed bath is just a lovely as
    a cool dewy one!
    Love your site… you have not lost touch with your inner little girl…you are beautiful…and
    very creative…I shall love coming here with my daughters..(I have 6 children)
    Have a beautiful day!
    Rane and kids

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